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AQUN, starts as quest: to create an
Innovative jewelry collection.

But also a statement: his absence.
And a concrete response: To create an innovative “techno hand-crafted” jewerly.

Julian Saija started thinking about Aqun when he noticed the lack of a jewelry that was able to link his savoir-faire to highly technological materials.

Julian Saija started thinking about Aqun when he noticed the lack of a jewelry that was able to link his savoir-faire to highly technological materials. Julian was born and raised in the sailing and yachting environment, so that he is able to understand the demand of passionated people willing to see their jewelry integrated to their lifestyle and passion.

Thus, the idea became more and more concrete in Julian’s mind, so that he decided to call on Germán Mani Frers, a yachting milieu living legend, world-known designer and engineer, famous for his highly innovative revolutionary designs, to call him in a crazy project: to create a yachting inspired jewelry brand.

Thereby, AQUN sees the light after more than 3 years of development, offering high-end creations linking maitres’ savoir faire and carbon-fiber technology in one exclusive jewel.
Months of study, as well as in the naval facilities than in the paris’ ateliers, have been necessary to create a unique concept: the “carbo-jewelry”.

At this stage something was clear and obvious in the team’s minds during 2018: To launch the brand in the birthplace of global fine yachting: the Principality of Monaco.

Aqun decided to create, in partnership with Monaco Brands, an exclusive and unique piece to honor H.S.H the Prince Albert II of Monaco, during his visit at the Monaco Yacht Show. Showcasing a stunning platinum and carbon-fiber structure and exquisite rubis and diamonds baguette cut stones in the colors of the Principality’s flag. Aqun renewed his collaboration in 2019.

Since, many partnerships see the lights with visionary people, leading style and design evolution though the industries. That’s how AQUN has been launched in Sankt-Moritz in Franco and Giacomo Loro Piana’s concept store, SEASE, in february 2020.

Julian Saija.

Young law student and entrepreneur of 24 year-old, he evolves in the yachting milieu and shares the

passion for sailing with his father, whom have been an international FINN class champion. Julian was looking for a gift for his genitor that could gather in one jewel his passion for innovation and the elegance he seeks in his attire. Not finding any concrete and interesting offer in the market, he decides to create AQUN.
Julian is used to go over complexities due to materials, shapes or habits, he thinks it’s a lifestyle: to improve himself, facing all the difficulties.

AQUN’s technological creations, resulting from the exclusive alliance of new shapes and materials, are brought by this “extreme thinking” lifestyle.

Germán Mani Frers.

He is the leading designer and engineer of super yacht and in particular of super sailing-yacht.

He creates innovative shapes and designs, willing to bring a true revolution in the industry; becoming a trend-setter and a pioneer of a new era of performing and luxury yachts. Brought by his passion for beauty and innovation, he will manage to link the two to realize some of the major technological progress, taking his creations to a whole new level that will be followed by the entire industry.

Germán decided to create Aqun’s collections adapting the exact process he follows to conceive his super yachts. As he says, « We created a jewel from a boat ». That’s the experience Aqun’s wants to offer to his customers: to feel, touch, share the passion and know-how of Germán Mani Frers.

Designed in Milan,
Made in Paris.

The Aqun’s innovative design is the result of his designer, Germán Mani Frers’ world recognized experience.
He adapted the quintessence of ultra-performing boats’ innovative development, directly into high- jewelry.

Being witness of a true synergy between tradition and innovation, Aqun’s original shapes are made of the evolutive experience of the yachting industry; representing the new technological and performant bows being linked with ancient and traditional sterns, creating a “timeless loop” as Mr. Frers himself uses to say.

This Aqun’s iconic design has been created directly in Germán Mani Frers’ workshop in Milan, the Design’s global capital.

Being Aqun called to be the only brand capable to truly create the link between tradition and innovation, it has been decided to establish the production site in Paris, world-known capital of jewelry savoir-faire.

Therefore Aqun has become the witness of an effective synergy between innovation, thanks to his design, materials and origins and History, thanks to his tradition and high realization standards, giving Aqun’s products legitimacy and integrity.

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